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Using Starter Traveller RPG for adventures in the Void Universe


I have been looking at role playing games that might be used for the Void Universe and decided that GDW Starter Traveller is a good match. It is easy to learn and easy to modify. This is my basic take below. I hope to add to it soon.

04/16/2020 - edit: I finished with basic edit. It is usable at this stage, but I hope to add to it in more detail soon. The file was too large to upload here so here is a link to the PDF:
06/18/2020 - edit: I added all the details that I wanted earlier, and here is the finished product:

Traveller Grav-Shunt

I went ahead and deleted all my working notes. I was posting them here so that I could access them from various locations, but I don't need them posted any longer. I am always interested in any feedback if anyone cares to leave any.


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