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Scratch-built Junker Exo-suit [PLog]


Something I've been working on and off, though lack of time has meant I haven't been able to work on it recently. There are some large gaps in time between pictures. This explains why so much work has been done :P

I started by focusing on the body.

with the bodu built, with some simple details bolted on, i was able to start building up the arms and shoulders.

In order to get the right shape I cheated and bought some Roman shoulder pads from Anvil Industry.

It did take me a while to get back to the project, and when I did I started the Green Stuff (GS) modelling:
Main Body first:

I mainly focused on the legs and body. I included a small amount of GS to the face to get the cloth effect.

Heavy Grape Gun:

Bulked out with some more tubing and GS, the business end is looking pretty good for now, though does need more. With the rear end I'm going to try and keep the arm somewhat exposed, as they are on the metal model.


Mainly focused on getting the digits looking more like digits. The thumb will be added when I get chance to do more work on the pieces.

I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the models stuck together with Blu-tack. I'll try and get that done soonish :)

Any critism would be great. :)

Waiting for more :D



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