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Greetings from America


Tiger Dave:
Good day ladies and gents!

My name is David, and I personally believe I was rolling dice and moving figures since the womb (I have it on good authority that mom's kidneys cheat).

I was introduced to VOID back in the summer of 2000 at GenCon where a nice lad, believe his name was Jamie, took me for a spin on the demo table.  Long story short, my luggage was significantly heavier coming back than going to.

I have a decent selection of Syntha that I will be finishing up, and I would like to get some other faction armies built so I can get some game in with my friends. Bit of a shock and a pleasure to discover that the figures were still in production!  So, expect to see this Yank poking around on a regular basis! 

It is a true pleasure to be here!  Have a great day and enjoy a pint with me!

Hi Dave and welcome aboard!

Nice to hear you enjoy Void.



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