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New Releases - April 2015


A new month starts, so it's time for new releases. We've prepared five new packs for the Generic Fantasy Range, and restocked two 1/300 models. Let's move on to our new releases.

Generic Fantasy Range
As in previous months, let's start with the personality pack. Brotas The Orc Chieftain - his two swords will be enough to keep his party in check. Another two packs are the command packs: GFR0044 - Northmen Swordsmen Command and GFR0064 - Western Spearmen Command. Both packs now are also avaible in regimental packs. The last two packs are GFR0068 - Western Border Watchmen II and GFR0075 - Western Border Watchmen Command, also available in our regimental pack.

GFR0078 - Brotas The Orc Chieftain

GFR0044 - Northmen Swordsmen Command

GFR0064 - Western Spearmen Command

GFR0068 - Western Border Watchmen II

GFR0075 - Western Border Watchmen Command

1/300 scale - restock
After little break, we bring two models back to our catalogue. GF0002 - A7V-U and GF0003 - LK II light tank.

GF0002 - A7V-U

GF0003 - LK II light tank

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio")
What next in May? There will be another five packs for the Generic Fantasy Range, and some 1/300 scale terrain.

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!


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