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Hi all,

I have very fond memories of Void 1.1 and remember the excitement I experienced when I bought my first box of tactical androsynths and got a free rule book with the box! I also remember meeting the design team at my local shop and using the Viridian army featured in the rulebook during a battle. So it is with these fond memories that I have come back to Void to begin a new project. Hopefully, it might inspire some people at my local club in Wolverhampton to give the game a go ( you never know, it may tear them away from the drudgery of 40k!)

Anywho, I've begun by attacking the awful plastic Junker legionaries. I'm hoping that with a little extra work and some crafty bits sourcing, I can mass produce decent looking squads of legionaries, grenadiers and lancers to match the beautiful metal sculpts. Here's the progress I have made so far on 3 grenadiers.

I have selected grenades and pouches from the Imperial guard Cadians range and a metal head from Pig Iron Productions. I've used green stuff to sculpt the face mask and create the tubes on the torso. I'll also be using green stuff to create a neural spike and some dreadlock hair for the bareheaded guy. I'll be building this unit up to 8 strong, using the 2 metal sculpts already available. For the remaining three to build, I'll do something about the very static leg poses, which will require quite a bit of extra work. I hope it'll be worth it!!!

Hi Smurf!

Nice job, waiting for more pics.

This tutorial can be useful for you:


Thanks Seba,

I'd already seen your helpful tutorial and was reserving the last two plastic grenadiers for some leg conversion work. Here they are in all their glory!

I've also managed to paint my first test miniature. It's very similar in colour scheme to my original models, which is the idea, as I'm trying to re-create some of that nostalgia. I also gave sculpting some dreads a go, to fit more with the art work in the army book. I hope you like him.

Looking good. I like the fact you've steered clear of the red scheme.




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