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I know this is a huge work to reorganised the range, but I have a few questions regarding the future ...

Back in the days of the UW2 release, there were announcements regarding a Clau Team Action v2 ruleset.
Did those ruleset ever existed? If yes, is it  planned to release it in any form?

I know there was at least one tournament limited figure called "yokai snipe" with some rules attached. Is it still part of the UW range?

Even if I feel no appeal for the neo-iskandrian faction, I wonder why the related products are not available.

Clau Team Action v2 - I heard about it, but I'm not sure about it, but I will check it.

Yep, we still got all limited edition figures, they are part of UW range.

Neo-iskandians are OOP at this moment, the miniatures require a new set of moulds. No re-release date at this moment I'm afraid.


There are two Triad snipers, this one and this one. Is the Ltd edition fig one of these?

@seba: thank you for your fast answers  :D

@sasori: nope! I talk about the one at the bottom of this fan page: http://www.celtoslegion.de/urbanwar/Common/common.html

Wow, he's really something else isn't he? Not sure I'm a fan of the loincloth look, but he's a character! ;)


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