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Void Knight Hawks Type 1 Shuttle


I have been tinkering with using the Star Frontiers space combat rules "Knight Hawks" as an add-on for Void for campaign purposes. Here is my version of a Type 1 Shuttle that can be used for Void and Knight Hawks. I have taken the minimalist position on a bunch of items that Knight Hawks details out, because they don't have an effect on combat.

All the Star Frontiers rules are free, and have been for years, at http://starfrontiers.com/.

Hi noticed your post , exelent stuff so 80 vibe.  One cud use it for campaigns and creating background for the setting.  I have made a galaxy map wich is in documents in Void 1.1 Nexus FB group.

Thanks for commenting about the shuttle. I think the basic Knight hawks could be used in a Void setting for easy tabletop space battles. The only assumption that has to be made is that they is no FTL speed as in Knight Hawks; just grav-well transit points between stars. I am still working on a more advanced spreadsheet to build all the ships in the advanced Knight Hawks, but it is not complete.

I saw your map on FB. It is a nice tool along with the planets list there. I just don't use FB all that much or I would post in your group.


Hi there I read the ship building rules on Starfrontiere. One thing that must be added is the multiple type of Gauss /rail weaponry that the starship in Void use. And maybe power shield because they might be mentioned in the Viridian force book.


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