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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: June 18, 2020, 09:48:04 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
I went ahead and deleted all my working notes. I was posting them here so that I could access them from various locations, but I don't need them posted any longer. I am always interested in any feedback if anyone cares to leave any.

 on: March 28, 2020, 12:35:42 AM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
I have been looking at role playing games that might be used for the Void Universe and decided that GDW Starter Traveller is a good match. It is easy to learn and easy to modify. This is my basic take below. I hope to add to it soon.

04/16/2020 - edit: I finished with basic edit. It is usable at this stage, but I hope to add to it in more detail soon. The file was too large to upload here so here is a link to the PDF:
06/18/2020 - edit: I added all the details that I wanted earlier, and here is the finished product:

Traveller Grav-Shunt

 on: March 20, 2020, 09:45:56 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
FactionVOID Full Thrust
JunkerAnti-Matter ShieldsDefensive Screens
JunkerNegatron TorpedoesMissiles
JunkerTractor Beams?(1)
JunkerParticle CannonA, B, C Batteries
ViridianLockstar 50 Gigawatt Turbo LasersA, B, C Batteries
SynthaLaser OrdnanceA, B, C Batteries
JunkerHeavy LasersA, B, C Batteries
VASAHeavy Ion Weaponry-CannonsA, B, C Batteries
JunkerMass DriversKra”Vak Railgun 1, 2, 3
ViridianGauss CannonKra”Vak Railgun 1, 2, 3
ViridianRapid Firing Quad RailsKra”Vak Railgun 1, 2, 3
ViridianHeavy Gauss CannonsKra”Vak Railgun 1, 2, 3
SynthaStarfire CannonPulse Torpedo
SynthaHeavy PlasmaWave Gun
SynthaProteus CannonNova Cannon

(1) Mark A. Siefert has some suggested options for tractor beams

 on: March 20, 2020, 06:33:38 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
Most of the Fighter types used in FULL THRUST may be assumed to be Atmosphere-capable and streamlined; it is therefore quite permissible to allow them to be used as Aerospace Fighters in VOID games, in a ground-attack or Combat Air Patrol role. For simplification, all fighters are treated as Syntha Grav Bikes. Regular and Fast fighters are treated as Hunter-Killers. Heavy, Long Range, and Attack fighters are treated as Tornados. Interceptors are treated as Sentinels.

While in atmosphere on their mission, such fighters are subject to all the usual VOID rules; they revert to the FULL THRUST rules as soon as they return to orbit.

Due to the much higher fuel requirements for atmospheric operations, Fighters may only operate in ground-attack for one turn per game, and then only from a Carrier or Mother Ship that is in orbit.

The same rules may be used as for orbital fire support, in that the carrier is only over the table for one turn in the game – in this case, the fighters may spend only that one turn over the battlefield, having then to climb back to their carrier before it disappears round its orbit. This will serve as an effective way of limiting the power of having six (or more) fighters appearing over the table at once!

If fighters are to appear in a given VOID turn, then each player that has fighters that turn, places all fighters anywhere on the table, but each group of fighters must be treated as a single group and placed as such on the table. Fighters are placed in the Marker Phase. Fighters leave at the end of the Activation Phase of the turn that they appeared on the table.

Note: This is a re-write of the More Thrust section on fighters. No infringement on any rights is intended. No claim as to originality of this section is being made by me. It is intended for game use only.

 on: March 20, 2020, 05:42:47 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
FT MASSFT ClassFT ExampleSynthaViridianJunkerVASA
2EscortsCourier Boat
6CorvetteNimrod Patrol CraftAssault ShipAssault CraftAssault Craft
10FrigateBombing Ship
14DestroyerArtemis DestroyerInterdiction ShipEagle Class Standard Destroyer
16Harrier Class Corvettes
18Raptor Class Heavy Destroyers
22Light Cruiser
26Escort CruiserOrion Class CruiserTercel Class Patrol Cruiser
32Heavy Cruiser
40BattlecruiserGladius Small Class BattleshipHawk Class Battle Cruiser
48BattleshipFabian Standard Class Battleship
60BattledreadnaughtDreadnaughtPraetorian Battleship
60MerchantSalvage Vessel (Jackal Class Starfactories)
70Light CarrierDemiurge Class Carrier
80Super DreadnaughtNero Class Large Battleship
98Fleet Carrier
100MerchantSalvage Vessel (Thanatos Class Starfactories)

 on: March 20, 2020, 05:02:23 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
PLANETARY BOMBARDMENT MONITORS (PBM) are specialised ships dedicated to orbital fire support; they are equipped with special Ortillery weapons systems, which are much more effective than using an ordinary ship’s main weapons in a role for which they are not designed. For play balance, regular ship weapons should be considered ineffective against ground targets.

Each turn it spends over the VOID battle area, a PBM may make two attacks for each Ortillery system it has on board. Each attack is made on the same target point, exactly as for the Junkers Salamander Field Cannon (SFC). Both attacks are at extreme range and follow all the rules for normal SFC fire. The Ortillery may fire either high explosive rounds or hellfire rounds, but both attacks must be with the same type of round. Each attack is treated as a separate attack on the same target point, so deviation is rolled for each attack using 4D10 for the deviation, if any.

To provide Orbital Fire Support, a ship must be in low-orbit; “geostationary” orbit is much too high for effective ground support fire. This means that the ship will be orbiting quite fast, and thus will only be over the site of the battle for a relatively short time on each orbit. The ship may only fire in the turn that its orbit brings it directly above the battle area.

At the start of the game, roll a D10: the score is the number of the turn in which the orbiting ship is directly over the table and can give supporting fire. Given the length of most VOID games, it is thus quite likely that the ship will only be available for one turn in the whole game – should the game be a particularly long one however, it may be assumed that the ship comes round again every SIXTH turn following its first appearance.

For example, if a three is rolled then on turn 3 of the VOID game the ship is above the table and can provide support fire; it then moves on round its orbit, and will be back again on turn 9 if the game lasts that long!

Note: This is a re-write of the More Thrust section on planetary bombardment monitors. No infringement on any rights is intended. No claim as to originality of this section is being made by me. It is intended for game use only.

 on: March 19, 2020, 09:04:10 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke

From INN#7 - "Each shuttle can hold up to 60 size-units (SU) worth of models. Every point of size of a single model counts as one size-unit - so the average Marine will have 2 SU." This indicates that the INN#7 Shuttle would transport 30 normal size troops.

From MORE THRUST page 15 - "For simplicity, we can take all these delivery systems as equivalent in terms of the space they take up in the Transport; each drop system requires 1 MASS factor (in FULL THRUST terms) to deliver 10 Cargo Space factors to the surface. Vehicle crews and Infantry that are mounted in APCs or MICVs are assumed to travel Dirtside “mounted up” in their vehicles, hence the CS required in the dropships is only for the vehicles; if dropping “leg” infantry without their own vehicles, the drop capacity is 1 CS per man." This indicates that a MASS 3 lander would transport 30 normal size troops.

From MORE THRUST page 16 - "All Interface Craft are costed at a rate of 2 Points per MASS, as mentioned in the Troop Transport rules, and the Hangar Bays for them cost 2 points for a standard MASS 6 bay, 3 for a MASS 7 to 12 bay, 4 for a MASS 13 to 18 Bay and so on – thus a single MASS 6 Dropship costs 12 Points plus 2 for the Bay, total 14 Points; a pair of MASS 4 Dropships would cost 16 Points (8 each) plus 3 for a MASS 8 Bay for them , total 19 Points." So two MASS 3 dropships plus the hanger bay would cost 14 points (6+6+2). Divide this by two and you get one 3 MASS dropship (shuttle) costs 7 points.

Falling back to the BOTBB cost spreadsheet, I calculated the INN#7 costs at approximately 200 points. If 7 FULL THRUST points equals 200 VOID points then the ratio of FULL THRUST points to VOID points is 1:28.57 or rounded 1:29. I would go ahead and round even further and say 1 FULL THRUST points is worth 30 VOID points for ease of use.

Next on my list is FULL THRUST ortillery and how that would compare to any known VOID weapons. And then later I would like to dwell on space fighters from FULL THRUST and how they might compare to VOID vehicles planetside.

Anyone done anything in this arena?

 on: February 15, 2020, 03:21:35 AM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
I have played the Traveller RPG for a number of years, but I have always had a special place for the Void Game System. So with this chart I can play out Traveller combat using Void.

 on: February 14, 2020, 08:27:26 PM 
Started by Hansuke - Last post by Hansuke
Another installment for my shuttle obsession (and obviously my Void obsession).

 on: July 03, 2019, 01:16:37 AM 
Started by pvt64 - Last post by pvt64
Soviet I-153 pictures are up on my site:

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